United States Senator (R-NH)

Kelly Ayotte currently serves as New Hampshire’s junior United States Senator. She was born in Nashua, N.H., June 27, 1968 and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990 and three years later graduated from Villanova University with a Juris Doctor degree. Ayotte then served as a law clerk to New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice Sherman Horton, a prosecutor in the New Hampshire attorney general’s office from 1998-2000 and as staff to the New Hampshire Attorney General from 2000-2003. She later served as counsel to New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson in 2003, Deputy Attorney General of New Hampshire from 2003-2004 and most recently as the attorney general of New Hampshire from 2004-2009.

“Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, particularly when it comes to underage drinking,” says Ayotte. “As parents we owe a duty to make sure that our children are not engaging in underage drinking—that we aren’t enabling them to do that because it is bad for their health and creates dangerous situations. A parent’s role is to be a role model.” We invite you to learn more about Senator Ayotte.

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