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Prem Ramaswami has been a Product Manager at Google since 2006. Currently, Prem is on educational leave attending Harvard Business School. At Google, Prem focused on Google’s Dotorg efforts around Crisis Response, making critical information more accessible around natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Prem has also worked on projects such as Google Checkout, Google’s ecommerce shopping solution, and the Internet Bus Project aimed at increasing Internet penetration in India. With Google Checkout, Prem was instrumental in launching Google Checkout for Non-Profits. Prem was also part of Google’s Network Infrastructure team as part of the Make the Web Faster Initiative launching Google Public DNS. Prem graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in Biomedical and Computer Engineering and worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory on an airborne 3D laser radar wide area mapping system before joining Google. He also is a diehard Jets fan, loves college basketball, and is addicted to TV.

“You should celebrate what you have today and understand that the choices you make, especially around drunk driving, can have not only a negative impact for yourself, but those around you, and you could literally take away the choice or the ability for others to succeed,” says Prem. We invite you to learn more about Prem and the work he does.

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