United States Senator (D-NM)

US Senator Tom Udall became New Mexico’s 17th United States Senator on January 6, 2009, after two decades of public service as U.S. Representative and New Mexico’s State Attorney General. Throughout his career, Udall has earned a reputation as a principled leader who has the integrity to do what is right for New Mexico and our nation.

From 1991-1998, Udall served as New Mexico’s State Attorney General. In that role, he fought for the State’s most vulnerable citizens. He fought DWI and domestic violence and worked with the Legislature to enact tougher laws against offenders. He also worked to protect consumers, especially senior citizens, from rampant telemarketing and other forms of fraud. Additionally, Udall made ethics a trademark issue, increasing transparency in government and prosecuting corrupt politicians, even members of his own party.

In 1998, Udall was elected to represent the 3rd Congressional District of New Mexico in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the House, Udall wrote and passed legislation to establish a national renewable electricity standard, championed the expansion of preventive health care, and opposed the Iraq War. Udall has also continued his pursuit of tougher ethics laws in Congress where he voted to create an independent commission to investigate corruption among members of Congress.

“One thing that is particularly important is the critical role that local initiatives play,” says Udall. “The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is out there trying to educate people about the dangers of drunk driving and I think that is very important because local level initiatives really make a difference.” We invite you to learn more about Senator Tom Udall and the work that he has done.

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