It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week! This year, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is featuring the IKnowEverything teen driver safety program that is being used by juvenile and domestic relations court judges for their driver licensing ceremonies all over the Commonwealth, and will soon be used by Virginia driver education instructors in public high schools!

This week, we will feature IKnowEverything partner, Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety (YOVASO). YOVASO is a youth leadership organization focused on saving the lives of teenage drivers and will be sending the program to their high school chapters in Virginia.

But we aren’t stopping there! By working with YOVASO, Drive Smart Virginia, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and the National Sheriff’s Association we are spreading the IKnowEverything program far and wide to other teen driver safety practitioners all over the Commonwealth. The Virginia Department of Education will be sending out our materials to all of the driver education instructors so that they can use this resource in their classrooms, not just the courtrooms!

For more information and to download program materials, see the IKnowEverything website. Also, you can find IKnowEverything on Facebook.

Check back with us all this week for guest blogs from our partners!