Dangerous consumption of alcohol by college students continues to be a health and safety issue in spite of laws, campus policies and college programs.

We know many college students make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption. However, a new reality exists where transition to college life combined with the availability of alcohol and the desire to fit in new surroundings can lead students to make potentially risky drinking decisions.

We encourage parents to have ongoing and meaningful conversations with their sons and daughters about their choices with regard to alcohol, specially the differences between low-risk and high-risk drinking.

Parents You’re Not Done Yet is an online resource that provides parents with the necessary tools to have the conversation about alcohol with their kids before and after they head to college. Parents can watch the interviews below for great advice from experts in the field.

Parents can also download the Parents You’re Not Done Yet infographic for tips and conversation starters that will help them in discussing the dangers of high risk drinking with their kids.




Interview with Devra Gordon

Interview with Julia Taylor and Katie Vatalaro