Honorable Birdie Jamison
Richmond General District Court, VA
Thomas Langhorne, Esq.
Past President, National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE)
Honorable Kent Lawrence
State Court of Clarke County, GA
Melody Luetkehans, Esq.
Program Attorney, National Judicial College
John Meeks
Vice President, Institute for Court Management
Honorable Robert Pirraglia
Paul Biderman
New Mexico Judicial Education Center
Honorable Jim Dehn
10th Judicial District, MN
Claudia J. Fernandes
President Elect, National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE) Senior Education Specialist, AOC
Honorable Karl Grube
Senior Judge, FL
C. West Huddleston, III
CEO, National Association of Drug Court Professionals
Michael R. Fields, J.D.
Judge, Harris County Criminal Court #14