You want to know how many drinks I had last night? I mean, I have no idea. They told me about all this wild stuff I did. But I don’t remember any of it. I guess it must have been really wild.

An unfortunate part of drinking behavior is that as they move through adolescence and young adulthood, the amount of heavy drinking – often binge drinking -   becomes more common among those who drink.

 Binge drinking is really bad. You do want to talk to your kids about it. Let them know that:

 Binge drinking has all of the potential problems that go with drinking, but dramatically more so. With binge drinking they significantly put themselves at risk for:

 Bodily harm

  •  Brain damage even death from alcohol poisoning
  • Serious injury even death from car accidents

Engaging in behavior that later on they will really regret

  • Wrecking a college career
  • Serious legal trouble
  • Lasting health effects

Let them know that most people their age are not binge drinking.  In fact, 83% of 12-20 year olds are not binge drinking and among college students 68% are not.

If they’re going away to school:

  1. Talk to them before they go.
  2. Help them to understand ways that they can help themselves and their friends to be safe while in school..
  3. Once they’ve left, continue to communicate with them frequently. Stay involved and be supportive about the positive aspects of college life..

Learn more about high-risk drinking in our Parents, You’re Not Done Yet brochure

Give them the Facts:

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