The Other Hangover 

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities  


Originally developed by students at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, The Other Hangover campaign targets undergraduate students whose excessive alcohol consumption leads to regrettable behavior. This student generated campaign realistically depicts the important social consequences of alcohol overconsumption on students' reputations, friendships and image.

The Other Hangover campaign student lead effort was executed on the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus during the fall 2010 semester. The Other Hangover Final Report provides a full overview of the campaign and its impact on the campus community.

During the new phase of this project, the University of Minnesota's Boynton Health Service will lead the expansion of this successful campaign to other post-secondary institutions in the Minneapolis-Twin Cities area.

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81% of student respondents agree The Other Hangover message is more relatable than other "drink responsibly" ads

82% of student respondents agree situations portrayed in The Other Hangover ads are more believable than other "drink responsibly" messages

“We talked about how the ads made us think about our own behavior.”
- Survey Respondent

“The Other Hangover campaign has been successful in getting students talking. I have overheard several conversations in class about the ads.”
- Survey Respondent