You Know. Be There.

George Washington University  




Based on the concept of empowering students to intervene when their friends engage in dangerous behaviors, "You Know. Be There" leverages the strength of already established college friendships to combat the dangerous over-consumption of alcohol by college students. It seeks to remind students that they intuitively know when their friends are on a path toward dangerous over-consumption and encourages them to act on their instincts to help prevent dangerous consequences.

"You Know. Be There" was developed by a group of The George Washington University's Advertising students for the National Student Advertising Competition. The student-led campaign was implemented on campus during the 2011-2012 academic year.

After the Campaign:

26% of students searched the GW website for the campaign after the campaign ended, up from 6% before the campaign.

Of 1500 freshmen surveyed after the campaign, 49% ended the night earlier to avoid over-consumption, 46% took cash from the ATM for a cab ride back home, 40% packed a lot of water to stay hydrated, and 40% mentioned starting the night later.

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Final Report