The Sunday, February 8th edition of the Boston Globe featured numerous articles on drunk driving and underage drinking. Several of the stories discussed the trends of Massachusetts' drunk driving arrests and some of the reasons associated with the changes. As the author notes in "Busted," there is a "greater commitment to clamp down on" drunk drivers. The number of Massachusetts drivers arrested on suspicion of drunk driving rose by 5 percent (including people who failed a breathalyzer test and those who refused to take it). This shows that Massachusetts police are aggressively targeting drunk drivers and The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility commends their work.

In the article "Teen drinking casts shadow on Vermont's idyllic image" it's noted that changing the idea that it’s acceptable for teens to drink is a "societal problem." This article highlights many of the concepts The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility aims to address with our underage drinking initiatives. As is noted in the article, sharing ideas within a specific community often address particular issues understood best by those residents. With this in mind, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility recently launched a new community resources section on our website. Anyone is able to post an initiative or program that addresses the issues of drunk driving or underage drinking. This is an exciting new way for members of our community to assist you in creating positive results in yours.