Hearing a story of someone killed by a drunk driver is always hard to take. The crash that took Nick Adenhart's life is particularly difficult. Not because he was a professional athlete who had just pitched the best game of his young career, but because he was an innocent victim simply riding in a car with his friends. Like Nick Adenhart, so many people’s lives are cut short by the reckless decision to drive drunk. To make matters worse, if convicted this will not be the first time the driver who killed Nick and two of his fellow passengers has driven drunk, and unfortunately this will not be the last time that a completely innocent person, such as Nick Adenhart, will be killed by a drunk driver. No family should have to receive the phone call that their loved one has been killed by a drunk driver. We will continue to fight against drunk driving and prevent tragedies such as this one, and our deepest sympathies go out to Nick’s family and friends and families everywhere for their tragic and unnecessary loss.