Last night Bob Simon of CBS's 60 Minutes ran a story called "DWI Deaths: Is it Murder?".

Martin Heidgen, a drunk driver who ran into a limo carrying the Flynn family in July 2005, had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. Seven-year-old Katie Flynn was brutally killed in the crash. Her grandfather, Chris Tangney, was injured so badly that he was given last rights by Monsignor William Costello. Ironically, six months later, that same priest was hit by a drunk driver named Karen Fisher, a repeat offender.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has a name for drunk drivers such as Mr. Heidgen and Ms. Fisher: hardcore drunk drivers. We applaud Nassau County (NY) District Attorney Kathleen Rice’s efforts to prosecute drunk drivers to the fullest extent of the law in her continued efforts to stop drunk driving. The public, law enforcement, the judiciary, and legislators all have a role to play in the effort to keep our roads safe.

We invite you to learn more about hardcore drunk drivers, our work with prosecutors and judges across the country, and our efforts to fight drunk driving by visiting our website - www.responsibility.org.