Erin Weed is a professional speaker, author, certified women's self-defense instructor and Founder/CEO of Girls Fight Back! Her calling to the field of violence prevention and self-defense began in 2001 as a direct response to the murder of her friend and sorority sister, Shannon McNamara. After Shannon’s death, Erin abandoned her career in TV production to study with the best anti-violence activists, personal safety specialists and self-defense experts in the world. In January 2002, she began traveling the nation giving keynotes and seminars in schools and businesses. To date, she has spoken to thousands of people with her uplifting and empowering message of staying safe from violence and finding peace in the process. As a trained speaker, Erin uses comedy as an effective way to connect with audiences of all demographics. Check out this video to learn more about Girls Fight Back. Girls Fight Back has become a widely recognized women's safety education company via live seminars, books, DVDs, interactive website and online store. As Founder/CEO, Erin is an active social entrepreneur and regularly writes and speaks on the business and marketing of creating change through socially responsible businesses. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is proud to sponsor Erin's Stayin' Alive on Spring Break Tour as she travels to college campuses to educate students about tips on Spring Break Safety. Drinking responsibly is always important especially on Spring Break. As your BAC increases, your ability to make smart choices decreases especially as it relates to your personal safety and maintaining a safe environment for you and your friends.