This heartbreaking story highlights an issue that many prosecutors across the country grapple with every day – what is the most effective punishment for someone convicted of DUI? Suspensions, fines, educational classes, and community service are just some of the tools used by prosecutors, and The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has spent years researching behavioral attitudes of drunk drivers and the effects of the sentences imposed on them (You can view more of our work here).

We will soon release Hardcore Drunk Driving Prosecutorial Guide: A Resource Outlining Prosecutorial Challenges, Effective Strategies, and Model Programs in the hope of aiding prosecutors around the country when deciding how to sentence drivers convicted of DUI, and to keep drivers such as Gabriel Del Risco off our nation’s roadways. Since 1997, with the founding of The National Hardcore Drunk Driving Project, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has released several updated sourcebooks to fight the problem more effectively and assist legislators, highway safety officials, law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, community activists, and treatment professionals in developing programs to reduce and eliminate drunk driving.

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