Everyone should take a minute to listen to what Clarence Gage of Wisconsin has to say in this video clip. He's been caught drunk driving 18 times. As the article notes, he has been driving drunk for more than 45 years – since 1962. He can’t even remember how many times he’s been caught. Clearly, he doesn’t seem to care that he is arrested for driving drunk, and he does not fully understand the consequences that can occur when someone operates a vehicle while they are intoxicated. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, the National Judicial College, the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, the National District Attorneys Association, the American Probation and Parole Association, and the National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime, have come together to fight for additional resources to expand the use of specialized DWI courts and to provide comprehensive and continual training to judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and probation/parole/corrections/treatment officials. These DWI courts and trainings will help coordinate the prosecution, adjudication, supervision and treatment of all DWI offenders. We must take decisive action to get these offenders off our roads. In communities where these specialized courts and training programs have been implemented, the cycle is being broken by reducing recidivism among hardcore drunk drivers, who are responsible for 67 percent of all alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities. Drivers such as Clarence Gage That's why we have come together to support recommendations for the Federal highway bill, SAFETEA-LU, that governs all the federal surface transportation spending in the United States – recommendations which will keep our communities safe and reduce the number of hardcore drunk drivers on our roads. Learn more at www.responsibility.org/hardcoredrunkdriver.