Along with our fight to stop drunk driving and underage drinking, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is also dedicated to fighting college binge drinking. Our newest initiative is really six different programs all rolled into one.

1) NSAC: In 2009, we teamed up with the National AAF Student Advertising Competition so that participants from over 140 teams from schools nationwide could address a social issue to promote behavioral change: the prevention of dangerous over consumption of alcohol among college students.

2) On Campus Demonstration Sites: This school year, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility sponsored four of the teams to put their case studies to the test: The University of Minnesota, University of Alabama, The George Washington University, and Ohio University. Over the course of the year, students will use their research and creativity to promote their message throughout their campus to fight college binge drinking. We are looking forward to seeing the results!

3) Emergency Medicine Foundation: We partnered with the American College of Emergency Physicians and its research arm, the Emergency Medicine Foundation, to learn more about the role of emergency departments with regard to prevention and intervention of college binge drinking-related cases. After a rigorous selection process managed by ACEP/EMF, Dr. Brian Suffoletto MD MS, from the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center was awarded the research grant. The study is scheduled for completion in Spring 2011.

4) Fisher College: Along with the support of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Fisher College's Center for Leadership in Public Service will explore the role and effectiveness of student life and law enforcement personnel in addressing dangerous over consumption of alcohol on campus. This research project is scheduled to be completed during Fall 2010.

5) National Judicial College/Association for Student Conduct Administration: The National Judicial College and the Association for Student Conduct Administration have joined forces to develop a research project involving students who have gone through their college/university disciplinary process as a result of a violation to the institution's alcohol regulations. This project will explore students' perceptions of the various phases of the college disciplinary process and its effectiveness in reducing recidivism. Estimated completion date of this project is Fall 2011.

6) Ad Council: Early in 2010, we commissioned a research study to learn more about the student's perspective on dangerous over consumption of alcohol on campus. This extensive study was conducted by the Ad Council and its research partner Eggstrategy.

Visit our new Fighting College Binge Drinking initiative to learn more about the projects and check back often to stay updated on each of them!