As digital entertainment has grown more portable and cellphones more powerful, the potential for driver distraction has become a serious problem. We’ve carefully watched the growing awareness around distracted driving. In 2009, we addressed this issue during National Teen Driver Safety Week with our The Concentration Game, and we’ve admired the way US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has made highway safety a top priority, including his focus on distracted driving.

That’s why we’re happy to see campaigns like this one. The winning campaign from a contest run by a chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions,) “inTEXTicated” will be running with support from DCH Auto Group (a sponsor of SADD) and via donated advertising space from CBS Outdoor.

“InTEXTicated” is teen-driven and focused. Its creators hope to instill the idea that one shouldn’t drive impaired, either via mobile devices or alcohol.

We think student-run campaigns are a great idea, and we salute these students for their hard work.

Our hope is that just as it’s drunk driving is now unacceptable, one day it will be unacceptable to drive while distracted. As long as students like these are focused on the issue, we’re sure that day isn’t far off.