Let’s say it’s late Friday night. You’re walking past a popular bar in town, and see 3 or 4 guys, clearly drunk, leaving the bar and heading towards the parking lot. As you watch, they head towards a car, clearly intending to drive home. What do you do?

Or let’s say you’re driving down the highway, Saturday afternoon. For the past couple minutes, you’ve been seeing a car ahead of you swerve slightly in his lane. The car seems to be swerving more and more. The driver is clearly not fit to drive, and yet he’s on the road. What do you do?

Don’t try to intervene. Just call 911.

A recent article in Omaha World-Herald featured a man who reported a drunk driver to the police, but wished that he had done more later, after the driver crashed. But had he done so, he would have put himself and others in danger.

You should make every attempt to keep a friend from getting behind the wheel, but it’s risky to try and stop somebody you don’t know. Don’t try to physically stop them, just call the police, giving them the license plate number and a description of the vehicle. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way in trying to keep them off the road.

Same for vehicles on the road. Call 911 and give them a description. Maintain a safe distance behind the driver. There’s very little you can do to safely get him off the road, so leave it for the police.

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