In 2009, we sponsored the National Student Advertising Competition, charging the competitors to come up with a campaign to combat binge drinking on college campuses. We heard a lot of great ideas from this competition; so many that we wanted to make sure a few schools got the chance to implement their ideas.

One of these schools, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, has been turning some heads with their LTUThink campaign. Focusing on the negative social aspects of binge drinking, this program focuses on the fact that most college students don’t realize how frequently they binge drink, that it takes ‘Less than you think.’

Their campaign is just now starting to get off the ground! We urge you to check out their website, news coverage about them, as well as their Facebook and Twitter!

We are also funding student teams at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, The George Washington University and Ohio University. We’re sure that these students will be turning out great campaigns that will help fight binge drinking on their campuses.