Every holiday season, we like to remind folks that while holiday parties can be fun, they can sometimes be a little dangerous.

A total of 3,476 people died in motor vehicle crashes during the winter holidays in 2009, including 559 (or 16%) involving persons under 21. Alarmingly, 1,079 people were killed in drunk driving fatal crashes during the winter holidays in 2009, including 135 people (or 13%) under 21. During the winter holidays high BAC drivers, those with a BAC of .15 or higher, were involved in 66% of the drunk driving fatal crashes.

For this reason, we created The Snowman Stumble, an interactive game to encourage the party-going public to get home safely this year. The Snowman Stumble puts you in charge of getting a snowman safely home along an icy sidewalk – with increasing difficulty depending on how much the snowman has had to drink.

Play the game and see if you can snag the top score – and please, be safe this holiday season. If you’re going to be consuming alcohol, please plan your trip home in advance – safely – and never drive drunk.