Those of you looking for a fascinating afternoon read, check out this story about Jeffrey Perrotte and Jilly Rizzo from the Los Angeles Times.

Jeffrey Perrotte was a frequent DUI offender, about to get married.

Jilly Rizzo was the best friend, confidant and occasional bodyguard of Frank Sinatra, the legendary Las Vegas crooner. His nightclub ‘Rizzo’s’ was a favorite haunt of Sinatra's.

Jeffrey Perrotte is the man responsible for killing him. He took Rizzo’s life by driving drunk and then fled the scene, leaving Rizzo burning alive in the remains of his car.

That was 1992. Today, still in prison, Jeffrey Perrotte claims to be a changed man. He has stopped drinking, acquired three degrees via correspondence courses, and wants to help people stay away from the path he chose. However the friends of Jilly Rizzo (principally among them, Nancy Sinatra) want to see him locked away still.

We urge you to check out the story, and consider the issues therein.