There was some news this week about a troubling study on the effects of binge drinking on teens.

According to a research study performed at Loyola University, rats exposed to large amounts of alcohol in adolescence are much more prone to anxiety, depression and other mood disorders later in life. The study bolsters the argument that drinking as a teen can have wide-ranging, permanent and detrimental effects on mental health down the line. While the researchers don’t know if the same effects apply to humans, it raises the possibility that teen binge drinking is even more harmful than previously thought.

While teen binge drinking is bad for teens later in life, it’s just as bad for teens immediately. It can disrupt their ability to follow their passions, achieve their goals, and puts them in danger of severe physical injury or death. That’s why our Ask, Listen, Learn program strives teach teens to say ‘YES’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘NO’ to alcohol.