This morning we went to the official unveiling of Second Chance, a program for student drug and alcohol offenders launching in Arlington County, Virginia. Second Chance is a true community effort with support from the courts, law enforcement, treatment providers, educators and community leaders.

Unlike punitive measures currently in use, Second Chance allows first time student-offenders to quickly bounce back. Utilizing parental involvement to make sure the student stays on the right track, Second Chance encourages students to explore not only why they shouldn’t use drugs or alcohol, but why they used it in the first place.

By intervening early and offering student offenders positive choices to get back on track, we think this program holds a lot of promise for Arlington’s students. That’s why we were happy to sponsor the program. We think that if this program works in Arlington, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work anywhere else in the country.

We’ll be watching closely to see how it does.