Last week, we talked about the tragic, preventable deaths of eight cross-country runners from the University of Wyoming. Their deaths sparked a campaign at the university still going strong after ten years, to ensure that such a tragedy would never happen again. Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has taken this message to heart as well. Marking the ten year anniversary of their deaths, the governor signed an executive order last Friday that established a Council on Impaired Driving.

A father of one of the eight victims of the fatal crash, Kerry Shatto, is on the Governor’s Council. Since that terrible crash, he’s worked tirelessly to promote tougher drunk driving laws in the state of Wyoming and spoken out on victim impact panels about how it’s affected him and his family.

From the University of Wyoming to the governor’s office to the families of the victims, a lot of people have tried to salvage some good from that terrible event 10 years ago. We salute their resilience and their efforts. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility strongly supports the creation of an impaired driving council and stands willing to support in any way we can.