Over the course of a career, an educator can hope to touch the lives of thousands of children. It’s not an easy job – often easy to buckle under the long hours and pressure of the job. However, those who rise above the challenges can make an enormous difference in their communities.

That’s why we’re proud to recognize Donna Moore as one of our 20 People to Watch. A physical education specialist, Donna Moore has been recognized numerous times through her work with schools in her home state of Arizona.

She was also instrumental in securing a 1.1 million dollar grant to expand and develop Payson Unified School District’s physical education program.

Said Moore, “Today we are completely in a different society and school is so much more important to kids, if we can be that sole positive impact on kids, we can be the source that can change a child’s life.”

Visit her 20 People to Watch page to hear her thoughts on her work and the changes she’d like to see in the world.