It’s not easy being a young woman.

There are numerous pressures on you growing up – you’re expected to be smart but cute, independent but demure, confident but not domineering.

Adding to all this, young women can occasionally be mean to one another. Sometimes, rather than supporting one another, young women try to tear each other down, or boost themselves up at one another’s expense. The idea that esteem for one’s self and among one’s peers is a zero-sum game is one that has damaged the self-image of many women.

That idea is one that Haley Kilpatrick has made it her mission to eliminate. Via her Girl Talk program, Haley tries to encourage older girls to take younger ones as mentors and in so doing, short-circuit the idea that popularity is dependent upon tearing down other girls. Girl Talk also creates a network of support that might not otherwise be there, making sure that younger girls have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can easily tap.

For that reason, we were very happy to see her recognized as Huffington Post’s Greatest Woman of The Day.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has been a close partner of Girl Talk since 2002. We continue to beam as we watch Haley’s program grow, and are proud to support her along the way.