On July 11 -13, we will participate in the Institute of Police Technology and Management’s (IPTM) Symposium on Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving Enforcement, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

This symposium explores the conference explores many different aspects of DUI enforcement. Ranging from the most current trends of drug usage by DUI offenders to the latest technology available to the newest law on the books.

The Symposium is also a valuable opportunity to share ideas  with DUI officers, drug recognition experts, evidential breath testing professionals and prosecuting attorneys from all across the nation. Their efforts inform our own, and so we're eager to learn from them.

IPTM was established in 1980 to provide management, traffic and specialized training to municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement officers. The Institute has since become the largest police training center of its kind in the United States, annually training more than 14,000 officers from throughout the world. Operating under the University of North Florida's Training and Service Institute, IPTM is a direct support organization of the University of North Florida. IPTM is a partner we value highly, and we commend them for their commitment to improving the law enforcement profession.