Today, Mothers Against Drunk Driving launched its PowerTalk 21 program aimed at getting parents to talk with their kids about underage drinking. It’s a message we strongly support and have been focused on for more than a decade.

Statistics are clear: The majority (65%) of underage drinkers get the alcohol they drink from family and friends. These “social sources” of alcohol are one of the biggest hurdles in the fight against underage drinking.

That is why The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility developed its Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program with Nickelodeon in 2004. Today the Ask, Listen, Learn program has been distributed to thousands of teachers and millions of parents and children nationwide through Nickelodeon, Time for Kids, Sports Illustrated 4 Kids and Scholastic Magazine. It has also been implemented in thousands of schools across the nation. We are proud to partner with Apolo Anton Ohno to get the word out about saying “Yes” to a healthy lifestyle and “No” to underage drinking.

Legislatively, States have tried to address this issue through social host laws and tougher penalties (such as license suspension) for adults who knowingly buy or give alcohol to people under 21. For more information on social host laws, visit the Alcohol Policy Information System

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility congratulates MADD on its efforts to reach parents and children on the dangers of underage drinking. Preventing youth access to alcohol is everyone’s responsibility. Please do your part and remember to help kids say “Yes” to a healthy lifestyle and “No” to underage drinking!