What started as The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s sponsorship of the American Advertising Federation’s annual National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) has become a core element of a comprehensive, multi-faceted research project to combat college binge drinking.

Our Stop College Binge Drinking Initiative is designed to promote new ways of thinking about dangerous alcohol overconsumption on campus, among various members of the campus community.

Students can be part of the solution to college binge drinking by effectively communicating with their peers. Because of this, we have supported several student-generated campaigns to curb dangerous alcohol overconsumption on campus. In addition to bringing the voice of students to the forefront, these campaigns have allowed students to take the lead in the dialogue about binge drinking and given them the opportunity to reassess their own behavior and decisions.

We have also commissioned several research projects to gain a better understanding of this issue from the perspective of different stakeholders on campus. The results of these projects are listed below.


The Ad Council’s research “Communication Strategies for College Binge Drinking Prevention – The Students’ Perspective"

University of Minnesota - The Other Hangover (PDF)

University of Alabama - LessThanUThink (PDF)

Ohio University - College: Don't Miss This (PDF)


For additional information on any of these projects please contact Joy Hungate, VP Programs at (202)637-0077 or via e-mail at hungatej@responsibility.org