Obesity can impact a teenager's life in many ways - social alienation, low self-esteem, and of course the serious impacts it can have on health. Because of how debilitating it can be, it's often difficult for teens to change their situation. It's easy to get mired in shame, self-doubt, and a sense of despair concerning your weight.

Doris Dorr is working to change that. Recipient of the National Associated of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE)'s Unsung Hero Award, Doris, a Physical Education teacher, started an afterschool exercise program for girls where she volunteers her time to help girls become more healthy and comfortable with their self-image.

It's individual efforts like this that, combined, have the potential to transform the health of our nation's teenagers. We applaud Doris Dorr, and all of our partners at NASPE, for their hard work.