Those of you following us on Twitter may have seen a tweet about this recent article in the Wall Street Journal. In it, the author jokingly describes his child’s college visit, how dissimilar it seemed from his own college experience, and how actual classwork seemed to take a backseat to the various brochures and talks about campus safety and health. He mentions in passing our Parents, You're Not Done Yet brochure.

Look – Your kid is going to get 4 years (on average) full of classes, homework, and projects. Can’t we have one day devoted to living healthily and safely?

College is arguably a much more stressful time now than it was 30 years ago. Kids not only have to juggle a social life with their classwork, but four out of ten students have to take on part-time jobs to help pay for living expenses (TRU Report, March 2011,) and students have to relentlessly hunt summer internships, often unpaid ones. Further, what about extracurricular activities to help get you into graduate school? Classwork hasn’t gotten easier over time either.

And lastly, let’s not forget about college binge drinking, the subject of our brochure. Student alcohol use has remained intractably high, putting students at great risk.

We agree, college is ultimately about education. But didn't you read about that before you brought your son to orientation? Why not take a couple minutes to read our brochure now.