We held an educational briefing today on Capitol Hill, featuring several different and novels ways of addressing college binge drinking.

Since the 2009 National Student Advertising Competition we sponsored, we’ve been working to get some of the student campaigns we saw implemented at their respective universities. Today, these student-generated campaigns, both completed and in progress, were in attendance. Representatives from the University of Minnesota, University of Alabama, Ohio University, The George Washington University, and Syracuse University all presented their unique takes on binge drinking prevention.

We also hosted researchers whom we think may have very promising for keeping college students safe. Dr. Brian Suffeleto of the Emergency Medicine Foundation is working on a approach towards binge drinking prevention that uses text messaging to remind and intervene when students are most likely to binge drink.

Researchers from Fisher College's Center for Leadership in Public Service’s focused on campus life personnel and campus police, hoping to help them better address binge drinking on their campuses.

Lastly, the National Judicial College is working on a project to explore students’ perceptions of the disciplinary process at colleges and universities, and how effective they are at reducing recidivism.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, and particularly, the researchers and those involved with the student projects.