We’re happy to announce that students at Texas Christian University have launched a new campaign there to prevent college binge drinking!

Their campaign, VITALS, stands for Vomiting, Incoherence, Temperature, Absence of color, Low breathing and Seizure.

The campaign's goal to educate fellow TCU students on the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and what needs to be done in situations where alcohol poisoning is afflicting their peers. Their campaign is based on the work done by students in the 2009 NSAC Competition, sponsored by The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. After the competition ended, we decided to give students the funds to actually implement the campaign that they planned. Previous campaigns have been conducted at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, University of Alabama, University of Ohio, and George Washington University (in progress).

We look forward to seeing the work that the VITALS campaign comes up with. To read more about the campaign, check out the press release hosted on TCU's website.