With 43 states in Regular Session, we have been extra busy reviewing legislation from sea to shining sea…and beyond, actually! Here are some highlights on The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s latest activities.

In Florida, we submitted support for H.B. 105 which increases the penalties for people who allow an open house party to take place in their residence and fail to take reasonable steps to prevent illegal consumption or possession by a minor. On Tuesday, the Criminal Justice Subcommittee voted 14-1, so it’s on to the full Judiciary Committee for consideration.

In Hawaii this week, we supported H.B. 96 which expands the fake ID law, improves the state’s “Use and Lose” law, and provides tiered fines for minors who illegally purchase, consume or possess alcohol. On Thursday, the House Economic Revitalization and Business Committee recommended (9 ayes, 0 noes, 2 excused) that the measure be passed with amendments. We are keeping an eye on this one.

In Virginia, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility strongly supports S.B. 1075 which would vastly improve the administrative license revocation (ALR) law, providing effective consequences for drunk drivers while making the roadways safer for other motorists. Currently, Virginia ranks at the bottom of the 42 states with ALR laws—the majority of which impose a 90-day suspension. This bill would increase the suspension period upon arrest from seven to 60 days and, for a repeat offense, from 60 days until the time of the trial. Pending in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, it is on the Criminal Sub-Committee’s docket for Monday, January 31. Our partners at the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) are behind this legislation and we hope you are, too!