As the President and CEO of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), Robyn Robertson has been very busy since being named one of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s 20 People to Watch in October 2011.  As the lead researcher on a new report “State of Knowledge: Female Drunk Drivers” which provides an in-depth look at the female drunk driver problem and how it has evolved over time from the 1980s through to present day, Robyn has been busy presenting these results including at a female blogger breakfast and Capitol Hill event in Washington, DC last December and at the NADCP Annual Conference in Nashville, KY this spring.  Since then Robyn has been conducting follow up research among female DWI offenders to fill-in important knowledge gaps that were identified with respect to the magnitude of the problem, the characteristics of female drunk drivers, and the availability of programs. 

Additionally, Robyn and her colleagues at TIRF have re-launched their Young and New Driver Resource Centre that includes many resources for young drivers, parents and educators including fact sheets on key driver issues as they relate to teens along with presentations for educators.  They are also in process of adding a parent/teacher portal with additional materials to guide conversations with youth and share important facts. http://www.yndrc.tirf.ca/.   Just around the corner for Robyn is the release of “Brain on Board”, a vehicle safety education program designed for the public. The program links knowledge about vehicle safety features to safe driving practices and will be officially launched later this fall. People can visit www.brainonboard.ca for more info and the program is sponsored by the Toyota Canada Foundation.  

Robyn and TIRF will be hosting the 13th Annual Alcohol Interlock Symposium in exotic Helsinki, Finland on September 9-11, 2012.  And, on a more personal note Robyn joined in celebrating the marriage of her only sister in May and her parents’ 46th wedding anniversary in July.