We asked Amy Nakamto, one of our 20 People to Watch in 2011, to give us a quick update on how she's continuing her work into 2012:

Last year The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility chose to honor me as part of their 20th Anniversary 20 People to Watch campaign. I was both honored and humbled. I was part of a group of Olympians, policymakers, educators, and change makers who were making an impact on a national level and in local communities around healthy living and healthy decision-making in youth. Being recognized for the work that DC SCORES does in the Washington, DC community in the healthy living space was extremely validating. Daily, we strive to create an environment for young people to experience success on and off the soccer field, learn to express themselves through the arts, and develop a passion from within to create change in their neighborhoods.

Over the past year since being honored, the DC SCORES staff and board made a strategic decision to grow aggressively to meet increased demand from some of DC’s most underserved schools. As a team, we’ve been working tirelessly to almost double in size – preparing to serve over 1,400 students at 42 schools this fall, making us the largest nonprofit after school provider in the nation’s capital. At this point, we will not rest as an organization until every child who does not currently have a team after school has one.

There is no better gift to give to a young person than a team of adults and peers who care deeply about that individual and are invested in them developing a healthy lifestyle – one that is characterized by regular play and physical activity. DC SCORES’ partnership with The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility allows us to create this community for an ever-increasing number of youth in DC. I hope you all keep watching DC SCORES and keep watching The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility – independently and together investing in thousands of vibrant, young, and healthy lives.