We knew he was big.  That’s never been in doubt.  He stands seven feet, two inches tall and weighs more than three hundred pounds. And, as he says in his latest commercial for Buick, he’s got shoes bigger than some hybrids.  We’ve always known he had big talent.  Nineteen seasons in the NBA and multiple trips to the NBA all-star game distinguished him on the court.  Movies, television commercials, music, clothing design and his latest role as producer/director of college anti-binge drinking PSAs have shown off his creative side.  

But nobody ever talks about his heart and commitment.  They’re bigger than life as well.  Dr. O’Neal received his Ph.D. this weekend.  Many students reach this level of achievement and countless celebrities receive honorary degrees this time of year.  But this one’s different.  Dr. O’Neal completed his degree with the same commitment that has guided every challenge he’s faced.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility salutes him and his fellow classmate, Dr. Atterberry, who also showed she’s got what it takes to keep up with the “big man.”  I mean Dr. O’Neal.

Ralph Blackman, Responsibility.org President and CEO