Today we were at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School with Haley Kilpatrick on the Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School – Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More  book tour.  Haley presented to a group of parents and teens, independent of each other, focusing on the ‘Drama Years’ when girls are in middle school.  The few short years of middle school is a time when girls go through an incredible number of changes both physically and emotionally. 

When addressing parents, Haley focused on the importance of talking with their daughters often about sometimes uncomfortable subjects such as body image, brands and the pressures to drink underage.  Haley emphasized, "While your son or daughter may roll their eyes, they are listening to what you have to say --  and engaging in frequent dialogues gives them the perspective that their parent has 'been there' before and understands what they are going through"

Haley’s main message for the soon-to-be high school girl mentors was to always THINK before you speak, type or text. The concept to THINK places emphasis on communicating messages that are true, helpful, important, necessary and kind. It is Haley's hope that this concept will result in a nicer generation of girls that then become young women.

Haley Kilpatrick, founder of Girl Talk, Ask, Listen, Learn Superstar, and one of FAAR’s 20 People to Watch, will continue her nationwide book tour throughout Georgia this week and will then continue traveling coast to coast to encourage an ongoing dialogue between mothers and daughters about the risks of underage drinking and how to deal with other pressures that come with Middle School.

Haley still has a few more stops to go.  We would love to see you if she is in your hometown!

 *   April 20 & 21, Atlanta, GA

 *   April 23, 2012, Albany, GA

 *   April 26, Raleigh, North Carolina

 *   April 30, Denver, Colorado

 *   May 1, Seattle, Washington

 *   May 2, Redmond, WA

 *   May 3, Bainbridge Island, WA

 *   May 10, Frisco, TX

 *   May 12, Phoenix, AZ

 *   May 24, Seaside, Florida

Get times and addresses for each event here.