I never really thought about all the advice I had been given over the course of my life and its influence until recently. In my last year of high school, as I prepare to leave home for college, I have noticed that a whole lot of people are taking this opportunity to give me even more advice, including some that is practical and silly, like how to do laundry or the key to a perfect manicure (good to know with Prom quickly approaching but not entirely necessary). As I listen to their advice and try to see how it is applicable to my life, I have begun to realize that throughout my entire life I have been fortunate to receive an wealth of valuable advice geared toward motivating and helping me succeed at each phase of my life – middle school, high school, senior year, selecting a college, and to move on and begin the next chapter in my life, going to college and not living at home.

I have found that some of the smallest and often most simple pieces of advice have been the basis of what inspires me to strive to make the best choices and to be aware of the impact and consequences of my decisions.  Such advice has pushed me to always step up to the plate and out of my comfort zone; teaching and reinforcing the importance of being comfortable and confident with who I am, to always try, and to be a leader, setting the example for others. It doesn’t matter what others are doing; the only thing that matters is what I do. The goals I set for myself keep me motivated and compel me to make good decisions and truly consider the impact that those decisions will have on my present goals and later in life. They help me to say “no” to alcohol and drugs when others are saying “yes” by giving me a reason and the confidence to stand up to any potential criticism from my friends and peers and that hopefully, they are able to respect.

In reflecting on advice I have been given, I realize many of my goals are based on the life lessons and advice others have shared with me.  Sharing is caring, so I share with you the top 10 pieces of advice that have helped me be successful in school, in sports, and in my everyday life:

1.      Find your passion

2.      Make smart choices

3.      Always push yourself farther so that you can exceed your own expectations

4.      It’s not what it is; it’s what you make of it

5.      The only mistake is the one from which you learn nothing

6.      To succeed you must first fail

7.      Your true friends are the ones who push you to pursue your dreams

8.      You are always a leader through your actions and thoughts, even if you don’t know it

9.      Write down your goals and you will accomplish them

10.  Be open to trying new things – you never know what you will discover about yourself

And one final piece of advice from Audrey Hepburn for all girls to remember – happy girls are the prettiest.


Meghan Dalbec

Georgetown Visitation ‘12