Happy Independence Day 2012, America! Do you think John Adams in 1776 could have ever imagined our country would be where it is today? There are so many aspects of our history and growth to celebrate and be proud of. So, while the band plays Yankee Doodle, flags are waved and the fireworks soar, please celebrate safely and represent this wonderful country the way our forefathers did.


  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so responsibly, and plan ahead to use a designated driver or call a cab.
  3. Check for a community sober ride service, such as Washington DC’s SoberRide
  4. Call the cops if you see a drunk driver.
  5. Don’t let your friends or family drive impaired.

Parents, supervise your teens and remember to have a conversation about the dangers of underage drinking. You wield the most power over your children's decision to drink - or not to drink - alcohol.