Heidi Heitkamp

While much of the attention here in Washington has been on the presidential race and control of Congress, it is important to remember that individual elected officials not only bring their party affiliation but their individual values with them to Capitol Hill.  One race finally called the day after the election will bring Heidi Heitkamp to the Senate from North Dakota.

Heidi served as a Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility Advisory Board member for six years.  As a former state Attorney General who was a leader on tobacco issues among the nation’s AGs, Heidi brought a unique and valuable perspective to discussions about alcohol prevention and education for youth and parents. 

Always insightful, honest and forthright, Senator-Elect Heitkamp gave generously of her time and intellectual capital which resulted in advancing Responsibility.org initiatives and outreach.  The Heidi Heitkamp I know will not be shy about tackling tough issues, standing for what she believes in and telling it like it is.

Just what we need here in Washington if you ask me.