One of the most important jobs in highway safety is law enforcement. Every day law enforcement officers risk their lives to save others and we highly value their efforts. So it is with delight that we congratulate Lowell Porter on being selected to serve as the very first National Law Enforcement Liaison Program Manager.

Lowell currently serves as Director of the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and has put more than 30 years into improving highway safety in a variety of leadership roles including Chief of The Washington State Patrol. Lowell is also a member of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s Traffic Safety Advisory Committee that helps guide our policy and program development efforts.

In his new role he will work for The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to build stronger communications between law enforcement liaisons around the country, assist in coordination of their activities nationwide and offer technical assistance for the widespread implementation of highway safety programs in communities throughout the nation. The position is newly created and funded by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

We commend GHSA on this fantastic choice and congratulate Lowell Porter and GHSA – two of our incredible traffic safety partners! keep up with GHSA and Lowell on their efforts to enhance highway safety or follow them on Twitter.