I Know Everything.

It’s a phrase that many parents hear from their teenagers. But when it is time for your teen to get the highly anticipated driver’s license, you as a parent really do want to know that you have helped your teen learn as much as possible about driving safely.

Just in time for May 2012 National Youth Traffic Safety Month, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and the Virginia Supreme Court are launching the I Know Everything program. It is designed to effectively capture the attention of today’s teens and parents and include information on today’s safe driving issues.

Virginia is the only state in the nation that requires a formal ceremony for teens, their parents and a judge before being handed a driver’s license. This presents a unique opportunity to reach new drivers, remind them about safe driving behavior and reinforce the role of parents to remain a positive influence over their teens’ newfound freedom.

Conversations with judges across the Commonwealth in 2011 revealed the need for updated resources to enhance the licensing ceremony. It is our hope the I Know Everything teen driver safety program components will be used by judges during the licensing ceremony.

The I Know Everything program includes a facilitator’s guide for the presiding judge that pulls together current facts on teen driver safety, tips for parents and teens as they embark on the freedom of driving, a dynamic video on key safe driving messages and general resources for further information. The materials included in the facilitator’s guide are comprehensive and research-driven. The program research included focus groups with Virginia teens, interviews with Virginia judges, online surveys with teens and their parents and collaboration with Virginia judicial educators.

All of the materials, including the video, can be viewed and downloaded from the I Know Everything website: www.iknoweverything.com

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