I love my job! No, really. I love what I do every day. As a field representative for The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, I get the privilege of meeting the most dynamic, enthusiastic and driven young people all over the country. Their excitement reminds me that as we get bogged down in “life” that we used to see things in a fresh new, “I got this” way.

As I travel to different towns, some big, some so small that the only restaurant is the local Stop N Go with a couple of booths in the corner, I meet the the future leaders of our country. I bring the Ask, Listen, Learn program to their schools to teach them about the dangers of underage drinking and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but in the end, they inspire me!

I remember a town where the kids gathered in the auditorium before school when we had a Ask, Listen, Learn event. They chatted and laughed – nothing new about that. But, as I waited to begin my presentation, I saw how the first 30 minutes of their day was spent. Several kids, maybe 80-100 of them, began lining up to approach the microphone on stage. Positive Message Moments. Wow! This was new to me and I couldn’t help smiling and being honestly touched by their messages. These kids were allowed to spread positive messages, well wishes, a joke – anything, as long as it was positive. What a way to start the day. I heard birthday wishes, good luck on the game today, inspirational messages (much like the ones so many post on Facebook each day), thank yous and a shout out to a great teacher.

As I recall hundreds of these moments throughout the years and as I write this, I’m happy. If only we could see things through their young eyes...