Today, we are thrilled to be with two phenomenal Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility partners as Haley Kilpatrick speaks on behalf of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility at Julie Foudy’s Sports and Leadership Academy (JFSLA) just outside of Chicago. Both Julie Foudy and Haley Kilpatrick work tirelessly to teach young girls how to become leaders in their hallways and local communities and mature into adults that dream big, treat each other with respect, and ultimately become women we all love to work most with.  They encourage young girls that in order to become positive role models they must say no to underage drinking to become the best possible leaders they can.   

Haley, founder and executive director of Girl Talk. Haley spoke to nearly 125 girls about her book, The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School – Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More.  She just recently closed out a two month book tour and works tirelessly via Girl Talk to show girls how to build positive support groups by forming mentorships between middle school and high school girls.  Haley reminds middle school boys and girls alike that “not all is bad in middle school and a lot of good can come when you are surrounded by encouraging friends and supportive parents.”    

Haley used her time at Julie’s camp today to place emphasis on the importance of using extra energy for good and to THINK before you speak, text or type.  By THINKing, you are pledging to make sure what you say is True, Helpful, Important, Necessary, and Kind.  This is a great reminder that is beneficial for middle school kids and adults alike.  Haley tells the girls that rather than acting hurtful to each other, they should use their energy to be supportive and build self-esteem in middle school.  Mirroring the lessons of JFSLA, girls can do this by:

  • Finding a peer mentor you can turn to
  • Invest energy into an anchor activity that builds self-esteem outside of school
  • Give back to your hometown through community service

This year marks the 7th year of the six day soccer and leadership camp for girls ages 12-18.  The aim of the program is to give students the best of both worlds: they learn soccer from some of the best players in the world and they are exposed to a multitude of leadership concepts they can cultivate for life.  The girls leaving Julie’s camp this week will go home with a copy of Haley’s book to share with their parents and the mission to give back to their community through service. Julie often says “sport gave me my voice.”  Julie and Haley both want to encourage girls to be inspiring role models and work to help them find their voice to make a positive impact.