Via Brian Haight, of Less Than U Think – UAL Tuscaloosa

Two weeks prior to spring break, college campuses are usually filled with conversations about beach plans and lake-house trips. However, for LTUTers across Alabama, those two weeks will be filled with hosting engaging events designed to address the national problem of college-age binge drinking.

Students across Alabama will implement Less Than U Think (LTUT) on six college campuses—Alabama State University, Auburn University, The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Troy University and The University of South Alabama.

This phase of LTUT is intended to raise awareness of the negative social and physical consequences of binge drinking. Its goal is to encourage students to make responsible decisions concerning alcohol consumption during spring break.

The campaign will consist of events on-campus and at local bars. LTUT’s swag will be displayed at Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control stores en route to the beach as well.

In addition to on-campus initiatives, LTUT’s Executive Leadership Team will take its message to the Alabama Gulf Coast along Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, where it will hold beach contests, LTUT gear giveaways and events at local bars.

So look around your campuses this week to get some awesome LTUT swag!

Remember—You think you could implement a statewide campaign but you couldn’t until now! It takes Less Than U Think!