LessThanUThink Campaign

The following is via Christina Steward, a member of the LessThanUThink campaign. LessThanUThink is one of the student-generated campaigns that we've backed, in order to fight college binge drinking. They've recently expanded from the University of Alabama to all over the state, and are now looking even further!

The college student-generated anti-binge drinking campaign, LessThanUThink, has launched the PSA that was created under the direction of retired NBA legend turned film director Shaquille O’Neal.…   LTUT planned a Shaq PSA launch week that was held Oct. 15-18 with events leading to the reveal of the video.

LTUT did a countdown to 10:18 p.m. on Oct. 18 for the viewing of the PSA during a red carpet event at Innisfree Irish Pub in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

“The time of the launch of the PSA is specific to the date of the event,” said Grace Roberts, LTUT Director of Special Events. “It’s a play on words to help people, who may not be able to come to our launch event, remember when to check our website or YouTube page for the release.”

One of the biggest draws to the red carpet event was the opportunity take a picture with a life-sized Shaq banner. The event also consisted of a step and repeat photo contest, where students could tag their photo on LessThanUThink’s Facebook page to win Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Once the PSA was revealed, students had the chance to win a signed Shaq poster by retweeting and sharing the Shaq PSA on different social media platforms.

Students who attended the red carpet event enjoyed the PSA, as well as the campaign’s unique approach toward addressing this issue.

“I thought the PSA was pretty awesome,” said Will McMillan, senior majoring in physical education at The University of Alabama. “This campaign has a good message with an interesting way of relating with college students.”

Prior to the red carpet event, LTUT’s Shaq PSA launch week hosted a Frisbee day on The University of Alabama’s quad, a trivia night at Houndstooth Sports Bar, a dunk contest event at The University of Alabama’s Recreation Center and an information table at The University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center, where students could view the Shaq PSA teaser video.

LTUT is a national student-run collegiate anti-binge drinking campaign created by adverting and public relations students at The University of Alabama. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility awarded The University of Alabama a grant to implement the campaign in 2010. Due to its success on college campuses in Alabama, the campaign has garnered national attention and will soon be implemented at other colleges across the country.