Chalk art isn't a medium you usually associate with DUI prevention, but after reading this article, we felt compelled to learn more. Below is a blog post via Alexandria Stanley, the artist behind the message. Thanks to Kansas Department of Transportation for helping us get in touch!

My name is Alexandria Stanley and I am an artist attending the University of Kansas. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by Mizzou graduates who were skeptical, but in the end accepting, of my choice of college. I hope to gain a world of knowledge about art at KU so I can go out in the world and create many more beautiful and inspirational pieces.

“You drink. You drive. You Lose.” This message was the inspiration behind my piece created by the KU football stadium the week before the October 13th game. KDOT (Kansas Department of Transportation) had invited art students to create chalk art around a drinking and driving theme, and I was more than thrilled to do so. It was an incredible opportunity to put a strong and purposeful message behind my art. Drinking and driving accounts for a third of Kansas traffic fatalities. Because drinking and driving is such a big problem, I really hoped this chalk art would help people to remember to designate a driver when they went out celebrating with friends after the football game.

The pressures to drink in college are always there, and that it’s just a matter of practicing safe drinking if you choose to drink. It only takes one bad choice to change your whole life style. Personally, I have lost family friends to one bad choice while drinking. It takes a toll on so many people, and leaves scars that never go away. The effects are much more permanent than chalk, and they definitely don’t wash away in the rain. But I would spend any amount of time trying to send a message to be safe, because all actions have an impact on others.