The San Joaquin Superior Court Comprehensive DUI Program was created in response to the high rate of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, high rate of recidivism and high number of Hispanic DUI offenders in San Joaquin County. The program contains monitoring and treatment of offenders as well as general community prevention efforts. All repeat DUI offenders are court-ordered to participate in the monitoring and treatment tracks of the program.

In the monitoring track, participants report to the same judge at one month, six months, and one year intervals to verify compliance with court orders. And in the treatment track, the offender begins in a traditional DUI court where individuals are assessed and referred to treatment. The DUI Court officials closely monitor offenders on either a weekly or monthly basis depending on the offenders’ needs as they continue along the track.

They also do community outreach through educational programs presented in local schools. More than 30 different programs were presented in 2011. Monthly education programs are also presented to local Hispanic community groups.

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With our Judicial Education Advisory Committee, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has developed a compilation of promising programs across the nation for dealing with DWI offenders in the criminal justice community. It is our hope that by sharing these programs with stakeholders in the criminal justice field that new, innovative programs can be developed in every state to deal more comprehensively with DWI offenders.

Please contact Jaime Lotter, Director of Government Relations & Traffic Safety at The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, if you know of any other programs that should be included in this compilation.