Remmi Smith is making waves! At only 11 years old, she already holds many titles: The Culinary Kid, one of our one of our 20 People to Watch, an Ask, Listen, Learn Superstar, and most recently, Sodexo Education-Schools' National Student Ambassador of Health and Nutrition!

In this new role, Remmi will work closely with Sodexo on a national outreach effort to help students get excited about nutrition and health. She will work with Sodexo chefs for over 500 school districts throughout the country to give a student’s perspective on health and nutrition. She will reach 3 million student peers and will star in a mini-series shown in classrooms across the nation teaching kids about nutrition. In addition to events, Sodexo will sponsor posters of Remmi to place in schools to excite kids about healthy eating.

Remmi sets a great example of how to live a healthy lifestyle through her cooking and saying no to underage drinking. We are proud of her dedication to educate and excite other kids about living their best life through healthy eating.